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The Bossy Aussie’s Tribute

Here’s another in a series of articles for people to use when someone tries to insist the Washington Post doesn’t have a liberal bias. Today, diplomatic reporter Nora Boustany hails Helen Caldicott, the loony Australian nuclear-weapons abolitionist, with absolutely no ideological labeling except her gusto at fighting the “neocons.” The headline describes her as an “anti-nuclear pioneer.” Boustany hailed her as “the anti-nuclear movement’s town-crier-in-chief.” We’re also told her “angst is both unnerving and endearing. Her bright red reading glasses hint at her rage, but a string of opera-length pearls suggest sensibility and smooth authority.”

Then consider her speech earlier this year, in which she declared that the human male should not be allowed political power any longer: “They are truly pathological and they should all be removed, as I have said, for the public health of the people of the planet. Now 53% of us are women. We’ve had the majority and we’ve been absolute wimps. And it’s time we smacked their bottoms, removed them, and we took over. I’m not just joking — this isn’t funny. I am deadly serious.”

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