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Boston Globe: Headquarters for the League of Journalistic Super Geniuses

Michael Graham:

When the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz reported that the Boston Globe-Democrat hadn’t run a single story on the national “Boston Tea Party” movement (key word: Boston), I’ll admit I was surprised.  Their blatant political bias is obvious, and every rational reader knows their “news” coverage is driven by their politics.  But not one story?  From a journalistic standpoint, it’s utterly indefensible.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when I picked up the BG-D this morning–the day after thousands of BOSTON-are citizens gathered at BOSTON Harbor for a BOSTON Tea Party to protest (in part) the taxpayer abuse by our BOSTON-based state government…and found a single local story in the BOSTON paper.  Buried on page A16 there was a small AP story with the dateline “Frankfort, KY.”

I guess the Boston Globe-Democrat staff just couldn’t resist a “KY” reference…

To add ignorance to incompetence, the AP story spreads the canard that our Tea Party was part of some national Republican effort.  They link it to FreedomWorks and the GOP–neither of whom had anything to do whatsoever with our event…though I’d be happy to send them the invoice for our expenses.

Here’s the Boston Globe-Democrat’s model for journalistic success:

Ignore a national story inspired by local Boston history for as long as possible;

Refuse to cover the story when it becomes local;

Misreport the story with a wire report from Kentucky;

Then wonder why you’re losing $1 million a week.

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