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From Bounce to Dribble

Another poll, this one from Quinnipiac University, shows that the passage of health-care reform failed to substantively alter public approval of President Obama.

According to the poll, Obama’s approval/disapproval split stands at 44/46, the lowest since his inauguration and one point off the 45/46 “bounce” he received after signing the Affordable Care Act into law at the end of March. The numbers break down along demographic lines consistent with other major polling:

Tea Party members disapprove 85 – 10 percent of Obama, while liberals approve 77 – 15 percent, as do moderates, 54 – 34 percent. Conservatives disapprove 76 – 18 percent. Men disapprove 50 – 41 percent while women approve 47 – 43 percent. White voters disapprove 55 – 35 percent while black voters approve 92 – 6 percent.

Respondents continue to disapprove, 55/40, of both the president’s handling of the economy and his handling of health-care. They disapprove 53/39 of the Affordable Care Act itself.


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