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Mainstream Republican Groups Oppose Nomination of William Pryor

Nominee’s Record Makes Him Unsuitable for Lifetime Appointment

(Washington, DC) — Two mainstream Republican groups are launching a grassroots effort to defeat the nomination of William Pryor to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. “Log Cabin Republicans and the Republican Majority for Choice are activating our nationwide grassroots memberships to put pressure on Republican Senators to oppose William Pryor’s nomination,” said Log Cabin Republicans President Patrick Guerriero. “William Pryor’s words and actions make him unsuitable for a lifetime appointment to the federal bench,” said Jennifer Blei Stockman, National Co-Chair of the Republican Majority for Choice.

“We support the confirmation of all fair-minded jurists, however, Mr. Pryor’s record is so out of step with mainstream Republican values and contemporary jurisprudence that our organizations are compelled to forcefully oppose his nomination,” continued Guerriero.

KJL:Since when is Log Cabin Republicans, which refused to endorse President Bush in 2004 a mainstream Republican group?

Nevermind the contradiction in opposing Pryor while claiming that they “support the confirmation of all fair-minded jurists.” How about a little respect for the honest record.


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