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Brad Thor Is One Brave Author

In response to Larry David’s crass use of a painting of Christ on Curb Your Enthusiasm this past weekend, Thor, the bestselling fiction writer, comments in his social media worlds: “All I want to know is, when is the Muslim episode?”

Thor, of course, is not asking for Mohammed to be similarly used in an upcoming episode. He’s simply pointing out that that would likely never be allowed to air. And Flemming Rose can tell you why.

(Listen to Brad Thor on NRO this summer here.)

UPDATE: A reader writes:

Hi K-Lo:

HUGE Corner/NRO fan, but I have to correct you on Curb Your Enthusiasm post. Larry David had a hilarious episode a few years ago where he actually did mock Muslims wearing burqas (if I recall correctly, he set up a blind friend of his with a Muslim woman wearing a burqa, with disastrous results).  His humor is incredibly crass, but he’s an equal-opportunity offender.

UPDATE II: Readers respond to the first reader:

Kathryn, your correspondent errs greatly. The blind guy-burqa thing is 

a comedy of manners that only incidentally touches on belief. Pissing 

on an image of Christ is blasphemous to Christians, not merely awkward 

or problematic.

In Islam, the Koran is the equivalent of Jesus in terms of God-in-the-

world. Have Larry “accidentally” wipe his a** with the Fatiha and see 

what the reaction is…


The reader’s updated misses the point.  Making fun of religious 

stereotypes is pretty common, and muslims aren’t excepted.  However, 

this wasn’t mocking Christians, this was mocking Christ.  The closest 

parallel isn’t mocking burquas, it would be mocking Mohammed.  Let’s 

see when that episode airs.  Until then, let’s not pretend that 

things are equal.