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Brave New Battlestar Galactica


A reader points out:

this is a spoiler, so post at your own risk…the President in BG uses hybrid human/cylon stem cells to stay alive…

Episode 13 (was 12): Epiphanies; 1/20/06

The episode opens with Roslin being brought to sick bay because of the deterioration of her condition. A member of the peace movement who is seeking to end the flight from the Cylons in favor of peace with them arrives on Galactica. He soon ends up in the brig. President Roslin has become very ill because of the progression of her cancer. Billy and Vice President Baltar prepare for Baltar to succeed Roslin when they are interrupted by a phone call for Baltar. He immediately leaves for Cloud Nine. Flashbacks to Caprica show Laura’s life as a teacher. We also learn that her “complex” relationship with President Adar involves carrying on an affair with the married man. These flashbacks may also trigger something long forgotten by Roslin about Baltar. Roslin tells Baltar that she doesn’t like him and asks him to resign. One of the peace movement’s suicide bombers heavily damages the tylium refiner’s FTL engines. Baltar meets an “old friend” (presumably Gina) on Cloud Nine. Baltar saves Roslin’s life (or at least prolongs it) by using some procedure that involves Caprica Boomer’s unborn child (often referred to in rumors as involving stem cells). Roslin visits Galactica’s brig and comes to a surprising agreement with the representative of the peace movement. Baltar’s procedure apparently has bought Sharon and her unborn baby more time. Gina, the Number Six copy, has fallen in with this peace movement. Because of his affinity for Gina, Baltar covertly allies himself with this movement by providing them with a bomb.

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