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Do You Know a Birth Mom? Make Sure She Knows What a Tremendous Gift She Is.

BraveLove is a group that exists to celebrate birth mothers. Birth mothers should be celebrated. To give life and to have the humility to make the sacrifice of raising that life — the joys and the sorrows of the daily life of parenthood. I first heard of them from Dennis Gerber, a man who was adopted as a baby and before he had a chance to meet his birth mother and say “thank you” to her himself, threw a party for birth mothers to express his gratitude on behalf of the children they gave life to.

I want to make sure you know about BraveLove and maybe say a little prayer for birth mothers who may be suffering more severely during these coronavirus times, as loneliness and second-guesses and other emotions swirl. These women are heroines — as so many adoptive mothers and fathers will tell you.

BraveLove made this Mother’s Day video for you and others.


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