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Brazen, Even by a Politician’s Standards

When the “stimulus” was being debated, Sen. Harry Reid prevented any discussion of including the House-passed provision requiring use of the E-Verify system by contractors receiving “stimulus” money, which would have helped prevent illegals from getting these taxpayer-subsidized jobs (300,000 jobs, if their claims of job-creation are to be believed). In conference, he and Speaker Pelosi stripped out the House’s E-Verify provision. Earlier today, Reid stymied Senator McConnell’s effort to bring up an amendment to the FY-09 spending bill that would reauthorize E-Verify for five years. So, in all, you’d have to say Harry Reid is against enabling employers to screen out illegal aliens by using E-Verify.

But you’d be wrong! (or so he wants you to think). Here’s what he tells his constituents, in a letter dated March 2:

I strongly believe that every job in our country should go only to those authorized to work in the United States. This is why I strongly support programs like E-Verify that are designed to ensure that employers only hire those who are legally authorized to work in the United States …

Talk about two-faced.


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