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Breaking Bad, Second Season

I recently finished the second season of Breaking Bad, and I have to say I think it’s probably the best series on television since the demise of The Wire. In it’s own way, Breaking Bad deals with the reality of drugs just as capably as The Wire and in some ways better. More important, it deals with unfathomable complexity of evil  and the deceit that evil demands from people who commit it. In a way, it’s a companion piece to The Wire, which dealt almost exclusively with the African-American underclass and the drug war. Breaking Bad deals with the white middle class, but in a way that is profoundly original. There’s a dark, brilliant cadence to the show that is unique in television today and the acting is simply outstanding. It takes a while to get into the groove of the show, but then it becomes utterly addicting, even hypnotic. It’s a shame it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.


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