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BREAKING: Biden Exceeds Vaccination Goal!

Joe Biden famously set a goal for 100 million vaccinations in 100 days, which sounded like a lot except, of course, we were already at about 1 million vaccinations-a-day. Now, according to the Bloomberg tracker, we’ve been averaging 1.25 million-a-day over the last week. Biden has had to adjust accordingly and now says he wants to get to 1.5 million-a-day. May we exceed that goal, too, and get as many shots in arms as soon as possible, but let’s not pretend that Biden didn’t inherit an initiative that, as the initial problems were worked out, was inevitably going to kick into a higher gear.

In that connection, definitely check out the piece by Ryan and Tobias today with Operation Warp Speed officials pushing back in detail on the claims that the Biden team was handed an almost non-existent vaccination effort.


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