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BREAKING: Dems to Drop Public Option

Breaking: The AP and the New York Times are reporting that Senate Democrats have come to a tentative deal to drop the public option. The Times had this update at 8:48 P.M.:

The Senate majority leader, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, said Senate leaders “have a broad agreement” on dropping a government-run plan from the health care bill, and that the Congressional Budget Office would review the implications of such a move on the budget.

“I told head of C.B.O. we would send him something he would have to score,” Mr. Reid said. He added that he had asked Senators Charles E. Schumer and Mark Pryor to work together with a group of liberals and moderates on making sure the health care bill has a vehicle to expand coverage to achieve the aims of the so-called public option.

You can follow the story at NRO On the News.


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