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Breaking: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Are Actually Clones!

I overreach with that title — tis the season.

A Boston Globe sub-headline this morning declares: Mitt Romney’s “’05 contraception stance similar to Obama’s now.” 

Except that the Obama administration is driving conscience violations as mandated policy whereas Romney vetoed a bill that would require Catholic hospitals to provide abortifacient drugs. Of course, as governor of Massachusetts, he vetoed the bill without a lot of support for his position — and his veto was overturned. That’s quite different than the overreaching attack on religious liberty the Obama administration is driving. It’s also a reminder of how crucial it is to support leaders when they’re trying to do the right thing, as Romney was at the time. (Komen this week comes to mind.)

Newt Gingrich had his debate moment or two helping to clarify the danger our religious liberty is in in America today. But he only added to the confusion when he started mischaracterizing Romney’s record here.


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