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Breaking Religious-Liberty News

From Bill Duncan at the Marriage Law Foundation:

The California Supreme Court has just issued a unanimous opinion that a doctor who refused, because of religious objections, to provide a specific artificial insemination procedure for a woman in a same-sex couple (he referred her to another physician) cannot claim a constitutional religious exemption to the state statute banning discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation.” The court said that even under the highest level of protection of religious liberty, the doctor would lose because the state has a “compelling interest in ensuring full and equal access to medical treatment irrespective of sexual orientation, and there are no less restrictive means for the state to achieve that goal.” One justice said that interest includes ensuring “a right to full medical assistance in establishing a pregnancy.”

The opinion is online here.

Listening to Sean Hannity’s show on a D.C. station, I may have misheard, but the local-news script sounded something like court rules doctor cannot refuse to treat gays. It was a wee bit more complicated than that … ! Thanks, Bill, for the insta-rundown and link.


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