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Breitbart: ‘America is going to be community-organized no more’

After chatting with NRO, Andrew Breitbart rallied tea-party activists in Madison this afternoon. “America is going to be community-organized no more,” he pledged, to cheers. “This is an existential battle; it’s the battle of our times.”

Breitbart praised Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s first-term GOP governor, for challenging unions to contribute more to their pensions and health benefits. “This is history,” he said. “We are going to let the American people know, in every single state, that we have every governor and every legislator’s back.”

“We are the modern-day peace movement,” Breitbart concluded, as hundreds waved Old Glory and Gadsden flags. “This is the peace movement.” Then, as he pointed across the square, where unions marched, he said, “that is where the anarchists are.”

Below, you can spot Breitbart, Joe the Plumber and author Brad Thor backstage:


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