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Is This Hearing Going to Happen? Nobody Seems to Know

Does anybody know what’s going on? We’re now less than two days away from the Ford-Kavanaugh Senate hearing, and still we have no idea whether it’s actually going to happen. The Ford team’s most recent letter is non-committal — perhaps deliberately so — and, at the very least, gives the impression that important details are still being debated. I am yet to see any outlet confirm that the hearing is definitively on. Even Dianne Feinstein doesn’t know.

In fact, we don’t know whether it can happen. The hearing is supposed to begin at 10 a.m. on Thursday. That leaves fewer than 40 hours between now and the start of the proceedings. Last we heard, Dr. Ford says she won’t fly, which means that if she is still in California, she will have to get to Washington, D.C., by car or train (that will take around 42 hours) or by bus and train (that will take more than three days). Has she left yet? Is she already in Washington? Did she also leave California when she moved out of her house in the face of death threats? If she did not, does that mean she’s not coming? If she did, does that mean she is coming? As we approach the deadline, these seem like important questions. Astonishingly, I can’t find answers to them.


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