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Brewer’s Meeting With Obama

Happened today. The biggest news to come out of it is that the White House will send staffers to Arizona to consult with police there over the immigration bill, and to determine how many National Guardsmen will be required to secure the border.

Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona emerged from a meeting with President Obama on Thursday and announced that the two would “work together to try to find a solution” to the issue. She said she felt more optimistic after the meeting, adding that the president promised her that most of the 1,200 National Guard guard troops he is sending to the border would be deployed to her state’s borders.

“I’m encouraged that there’s going to be much better dialogue between the government and Arizona,” Mrs. Brewer said. “I hope that’s not wishful thinking.”

But President Obama apparently evaded question about a potential DoJ challenge of the Arizona law, saying the matter was “in the hands” of the Department, even though the president has said on a number of occasions that he had instructed Justice Department lawyers to closely scrutinize the law.


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