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Brexit According to the Telegraph

London — The New York Times seems to take its cue on Brexit from the Guardian and the BBC. I can report that, in fact, the sky has not yet fallen in. And I suggest reading the Telegraph instead:

Iain Duncan Smith writes on these pages, the Brexiteers speak for the 17.4 million that voted for Leave and probably for the vast majority of Conservative activists who want to get on with it. Leaving the EU isn’t a radical policy any more: it was endorsed in a referendum and both main parties put it in their manifestos. The extremists are those who, despite these irrefutable facts, continue to oppose it, like the Japanese soldier, Hiroo Onoda, who was still fighting the Second World War on a Philippine island in 1974. The die-hard Remainers are the real reactionaries because they’re doing everything they can to hold on to the pro-EU, statist, managerialist consensus; they are part of an establishment that believes it is meant to rule, and one of its favourite weapons of resistance is snobbery.