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More U.K. Meltdown Resources

This morning Parliament voted against holding a three day recess to allow the Conservative party to have its normal party conference. This is unbelievably spiteful to Johnson considering that Labour got to hold its conference.

If you’ve been following, mouth agape, at the political and constitutional meltdown going on in the United Kingdom by reading Maddy Kearns and my own work, you might be interested in the following:

Over at First Things Paul Yowell writes on the constitutional crisis of a dissenting majority keeping a minority government in power as its puppet.

Again, at First Things, you may like Peter Hitchens writing on the ghastly new “Supreme Court” that has inserted itself above Parliament and the executive in the United Kingdom’s system.

And here is David Starkey, the energetic historian of the royals and the British constitution who gives a corker of an explanation about how the Supreme Court has trespassed where law does not apply.


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