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Bring Baggage to The Table

A reader finds stuff in my column I didn’t put there:

…american atheists are as much citizens of the USA as anyone else, and

have every right to celebrate Thanksgiving as they see fit. If they don’t

believe in the same things you do, that is their right. If they don’t want

to pray to a God which they lack belief in, that is their right. If they

wish to dress up like Star Wars characters and act out their favorite scenes

before carving the turkey, that, too, is their right as well. If this

disturbs you, then perhaps you should consider moving to a country which

doesn’t allow such disturbing freedoms in the first place. Perhaps Iran

would be more to your liking.

As for scientists, evolution and Communism, one is not automatically a

Stallinist traitor for finding the scientific research of Darwin and those

who came after him to be reasonable and sound. That is a clumsy false

dichotomy to buy into, and you should know better than that.

Good day, then, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, however you wish to celebrate



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