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Bring It On!

Harry Reid told a pro-amnesty rally over the weekend “We are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform. We need to do this this year. We can’t let excuses like a Supreme Court nomination get in the way.” I especially liked this line of his:

We’re going to do immigration reform just like we did health care reform.


But this really has nothing to do with passing an amnesty bill, which simply isn’t going to happen. Roll Call summed it up in the headline over the jump in its paper edition: “Reid Needs Big Latino Turnout to Win Re-Election”. The Democrats are worried that those Hispanic voters who support amnesty will become demoralized and stay home, and so they’re stringing them along some more in a desperate effort to motivate them to show up in November.

An editorial in the Las Vegas paper asked the right question:

But if Sen. Reid insists on publicly proclaiming that Americans really want to turn illegals into citizens, then why doesn’t he make his re-election race a referendum on amnesty? He can spend his millions of dollars on commercials touting his position on “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Let’s see how that plays out for him.


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