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Bringing Back Memories … of a McCain I’ve Long Known

So I thought McCain was odd to bring up the Gang of 14 without showing a little humility — at least an acknowledgement some of his “friends” thought it was a bad call. But here he was last night bringing it up on his own by way of previewing today’s Wake Forest judicial speech. Further, see how CNN’s political blogger reads his immigration comments: 

McCain brought up the “Gang of 14” saga unprompted at a town hall here, in advance of a major speech on judicial appointments he is set to deliver tomorrow in Winston-Salem.

“I know what bipartisanship is,” McCain said. “I am going to talk tomorrow again about our Gang of 14: seven Republicans, seven Democrats that got together rather than blow up the Senate, and we confirmed so many federal judges.”

In the spring of 2005, McCain and 13 other senators from both parties agreed on a compromise to avoid the so-called “nuclear option,” which would have curtailed the right of the minority to filibuster. Democrats had been filibustering to prevent the confirmation of three conservative judicial nominees named by President Bush.

McCain said he took pride in his votes to confirm Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito, a line that drew applause from assembled members of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

The Arizona senator also seemed to move past his usual “secure the borders first” mantra in favor of calling for, as he put it, “comprehensive immigration reform.”

I want the Democrats to lose this year. Help me, Senator McCain, help you! 

Now, truth is, there is a lot to praise in the judicial speech today, and we do. But one speech isn’t going to do it on the Right — rally enthusiasm — when there are constant reminders about instincts.


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