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Brinkley No Reaganite

Appropo Tim Graham’s observations and Jay’s Impromptu remarks, Doug Brinkley’s new embrace of Reagan threatens to give opportunism and hackery a bad name. His Jimmy Carter book, The Unfinished Presidency, includes every possible anti-Reagan slur imaginable. But then, when Reagan’s popularity began to rise a few years ago, Brinkley turns up at the Reagan library hoping to be blessed to write a new official biography to make up for Morris’s botch job, and he got all the way to Nancy Reagan before cooler heads prevailed. Now this nonsense.

I was on Kudlow and Cramer with Brinkley a couple years ago, and I made a remark in praise of Reagan’s “evil empire” speech, whereupon Brinkley broke in to say that there were a lot of conservatives at the time who didn’t like it. He must not handle his mint juleps well down there in New Orleans.


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