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From a reader:


I have one problem with your idea that Sullivan and Derb are on the same page right now out of sheer Britishness.

British Conservatism (particularly the big-C kind: adherents to the political party) has been, at least since the 1960s, much more at home with many aspects of statism than American conservatism…not to mention the proud self-reliant/leave-me-alone meme these two are working on right now.

Example: I spent a year studying in Britain at the end of the Thatcher era, and would hang out with the campus Young Conservatives from time to time. Getting a good discussion going on privatization of the BBC, or on dismantling/privatizing/radically reforming the National Health Service, was always hard because the very thought of it scandalized them so profoundly.

This is a very long way from what you would expect from, say, a group of YAF-ers.


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