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British Antisemitism Redux

Here’s some from the Jerusalem Post:

Report: Anti-Semitic attacks up 50% Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Apr. 15, 2007

The year 2006 witnessed a significant escalation in physical, verbal, and visual anti-Semitism throughout the world, with as many as 590 cases of violence and vandalism reported against Jews, a study published by Tel Aviv University ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day revealed Sunday.

The report, which was conducted by the Institute for Researching Contemporary anti-Semitism and Racism, found that twice as many anti-Semitic attacks occurred in 2006 than in the previous year.

Perpetrators of the attacks were, in most cases, identified as Muslim immigrants, or young members of the radical right and their supporters, the study reported.

Schools were popular targets of anti-Semitism in 2006, with twice as many community schools reportedly attacked then in 2005. The number of synagogues which registered attacks rose by one-third.

The report listed Britain, Australia, France, and Canada as the countries with the greatest rise in anti-Semitic attacks. Leading the list was Britain, which registered a 20-year record of 100 incidents – 60% more then in 1986. Of those incidents, 37% were considered violent.

Meanwhile, antisemitism in America is dropping. Not at Harvard and Chicago, of course, but still…

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