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British disgrace now a fiasco

Toby Harnden has an even more trenchant post on the humiliation of the British armed forces today:

It took just two blubbering sailors spilling their guts before the Government realised its nifty PR strategy to hide the ignominy of what happened to the Tehran 15 had backfired badly.

Toby gives us the lowlights of the blubbering concerned, before making some very serious points:

There is now a real danger that a similar escapade will be attempted against American forces. That is very likely to result in a bloodbath—American troops would not surrender and confess in this way—and could be the incident that ratchets the temperature up towards war.

He reckons that some of the reactions to the fiasco in Britain give some room to hope that Old England isn’t finished yet, but does not mince words about the land-blubbers:

LS Turney? You tell it how it effing is. How about manning the checkout at Tesco (hat tip to Polly) or mucking out stables?

OM Batchelor? You’re a chirpy, sensitive chap. Maybe you could work in a pet grooming salon or start a window-cleaning service—if you’re not afraid of heights.

And the Navy? Back to the drawing board, I’m afraid. As a former naval officer and lieutenant on board HMS Cornwall, it gives me no pleasure to say that it will take a decade or two for the Senior Service to live this one down.

Golly. Harsh but fair, as they say. I wonder if any of them know the words to Hearts of Oak?

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