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British Foreign Secretary: Ukraine ‘the Biggest Crisis in Europe in the 21st Century’

I’m in England this week, and this morning I spent a little time listening to the radio. The Ukraine story dominates, naturally. It’s peculiar, though: There are a number of sentiments being expressed simultaneously, which combined could best be summed up as, “sure, this is a huge deal but we’re not really at all sure what we should do.” Sir Malcom Rifkind, a former foreign secretary, described the situation as the “most serious crisis since the end of the Cold War.” William Hague, the incumbent foreign secretary, argued that, while ”it’s difficult to rank these things,” “it’s certainly the biggest crisis in Europe in the 21st century” — a viewpoint with which Jack Straw, another former foreign secretary, didn’t take issue.

Everybody — Left, Right, middle — seemed to agree that there was a serious problem here. And yet nobody wanted to say what should actually be done.


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