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The Brits, Armenia, Iraq, and more

You always get a bit a world tour with Need to Know and this week is no different. Jay and I consider the Armenian genocide and recall the U.S. ambassador to Turkey at the time. We speak of the brave Iraqis who served U.S. forces as translators and other things and now badly need rescue (this is urgent). Then free speech under attack, the bottomless hypocrisy of the left, and, inter alia, British politics (is it fair to make unfavorable comparisons of David Cameron to Margaret Thatcher?). We have fun recalling one of the great John O’Sullivan’s anecdotes about Thatcher and humor. We tell stories of Tchaikovsky, the subject of a lecture on the Great Courses. In fact, I think we’ve met our quota of amusing anecdotes on this podcast. See if you agree. 


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