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The Broder Strategy

The cloture debate on ReidCare just began in the U.S. Senate. Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) is speaking. His speech is interesting — instead of just listing his complaints, he’s using a new David S. Broder column from the Washington Post as his guide. Broder, McConnell notes, is no conservative.

Here’s part of the column cited by McConnell:

The day after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) gave its qualified blessing to the version of health reform produced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Quinnipiac University poll of a national cross section of voters reported its latest results.

This poll may not be as famous as some others, but I know the care and professionalism of the people who run it, and one question was particularly interesting to me.

It read: “President Obama has pledged that health insurance reform will not add to our federal budget deficit over the next decade. Do you think that President Obama will be able to keep his promise or do you think that any health care plan that Congress passes and President Obama signs will add to the federal budget deficit?”

The answer: Less than one-fifth of the voters — 19 percent of the sample — think he will keep his word. Nine of 10 Republicans and eight of 10 independents said that whatever passes will add to the torrent of red ink. By a margin of four to three, even Democrats agreed this is likely.