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Brokaw Throws Cold Water On Kerry Idea

On Larry King last night, Tom Brokaw mused that a Kerry delay in accepting the nomination might prompt NBC to ratchet down its coverage (courtesy of The Hotline): “My personal belief is that if he announces he will not accept the nomination, that there’s no good reason for NBC the network to be in Boston covering the convention, it will be just one large political rally and party. Now, I’m told today that they’re working on some variations on that theme. He’ll give a big speech and then say as of September 30 or September 1st I accept your nomination, a later date. I’m not sure that’s going to fly either. … But my own judgment is, and I can get overruled about this at NBC, is that I’m not sure that NBC should go to Boston just to cover a big pep rally. We go there because there’s going to be a nominating convention and at the end of that nominating convention, there will be the formally nominated presidential candidate of the Democratic party.”


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