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Broken Reid

Harry Reid is not a man of his word:

McConnell: Reid Failed to Honor His Commitment [Ed Whelan]

In a Senate floor statement today, Republican leader Mitch McConnell hammered majority leader Harry Reid for failing to deliver on his commitment to confirm at least three federal appellate nominees by Memorial Day. McConnell contrasted Reid’s failure with former majority leader Trent Lott’s fulfillment of a commitment to vote on Clinton nominees in 2000. Unlike Reid, Lott was “true to his word” and “understood that commitments in this body are not to be taken lightly, especially when they are made by the Majority Leader.”

McConnell particularly faulted Reid for trying to move recent Sixth Circuit nominee (and former Clinton nominee) Helene White—whose ABA report has still not been received—instead of nominees, such as Peter Keisler (D.C. Circuit) and Robert Conrad (Fourth Circuit), much further along in the process: “These nominees were, in effect, on the two-yard line, and could easily have been picked and confirmed.” And, signaling that the battle will escalate, McConnell closed by stating that Republican senators’ “frustration … will manifest itself in the coming days, and will persist until we get credible evidence that the Majority will respect Minority rights and treat judicial nominees fairly.”

05/22 06:12 PM

Cornyn: Reid’s Broken Promise “Inexcusable” [Ed Whelan]

Senate Judiciary Committee member John Cornyn is forcefully condemning majority leader Harry Reid’s failure to live up to his promise to “do everything within [his] power” to confirm three federal appellate nominees by Memorial Day:

It is inexcusable that the Majority Leader broke his commitment to confirm three judicial nominees before Memorial Day, despite knowing there were long-pending nominees who could be confirmed before the deadline. He had ample opportunity to honor his pledge, yet his actions failed to match his words…. I fear that the Majority Leader’s unwillingness to confirm judges will have negative consequences not only for our federal judiciary, but the Senate’s broader agenda.

This last sentence of Senator Cornyn’s calls to mind Senator Specter’s previous threat to shut down the Senate’s proceedings if the Democratic obstruction of judicial nominees continues. Let’s hope that lots of other Republican senators are ready to make Democratic senators pay a price for their obstruction.

05/22 04:19 PM


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