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Broken Windows

The immigration service announced the arrest of dozens of illegal immigrants at power

plants, refineries, etc. as part of what the DHS internally calls the “critical infrastructure initiative.” That’s all well and good, but the problem is that when you focus only on big crimes, you’re never going to get your arms around the problem. You need to do what Giuliani did in New York – go after all offenders, because when you arrest the subway turnstile-jumpers and the public urinators you

accomplish two things: first, you find all kinds of serious bad guys,

because that kind of person isn’t likely to be especially meticulous about

paying the subway fare or whatever; and second, you restore a sense of

order that causes people to think twice about breaking the law in the first

place. In other words, the feds are always going to playing catch-up on

immigration enforcement if all they’re doing is going after alien smugglers

and alien rapists and illegals working at nuclear power plants, rather than

going after immigration violations across the board.


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