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Brooks Is Getting Better

Yesterday’s column was not only strong, it was one Safire would never have written and the Times would never have run by a guest writer. Brook’s highlight’s what is common knowledge to every conservative journalist I know: post-grad academia is horrendously bigoted against conservatives. I have at least half dozen friends who either have PhDs but couldn’t possibly find work in academia or who gave up seeking them for the same reason. One friend of mine whose credentials and scholarship are outstanding is toiling in a fifth-tier school precisely because he’s a conservative. Other PhD’d friends of mine are in the administration, at think tanks or in journalism because they’d never have a chance to teach. And, as Brooks notes, it’s not merely a straightforward political bias, the barrier also has to do with how loopy academia has become in general. Most conservative would-be academics aren’t interested in partisan politics, but they are interested in the classics, the canon, mainstream history, etc — and that stuff is knuckle-dragging nonsense to the folks who peddle post-colonial studies and the like.


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