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Broun and the Military: Reactions

Kathryn, even after many years on the Corner, it’s not always easy to predict if a certain topic will produce a rush of email, a few emails or complete indifference. It’s also sometimes very far from easy to guess in advance whether e-mailers will agree with me or not. That said, I have been taken aback by the speed and the size of the response I have received to our discussion on Congressman Broun’s proposal. Never have so many emailed me on a particular topic so quickly. A number of those emails were from people now serving or (it was obvious from the detail they gave) veterans. The emails were sometimes very moving, sometimes very funny, sometimes very angry, and sometimes all three. A large majority was opposed to Rep. Broun’s proposal – I hope for his sake that he does not have any military bases in his district.

It’s impossible to single out any one of these emails, so I’ll link instead to this from the Democracy Project blog. It’s a picture of the writer’s hootch in Vietnam. Warning: It’s not safe for Broun.


There’s also a picture of a B-25. It wasn’t safe for Tojo, and, no, it’s not safe for Broun either.

Courtesy of the milbloggers over at the Mudville Gazette, here’s a list of the co-sponsors of Broun’s bill.