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Broun the Cloun (Ctd)

Kathryn, you write that “porn is a sad and lonely world”. Well, maybe, maybe not, but I suspect that being stuck in a war zone can be a pretty cold and lonely place too. If the chance to flick through a few naughty pix cheers that time up even just a little, so much the better, and if Rep. Broun wants to make that more difficult, shame on him.

Meanwhile for details on how Rep. Broun decides to spend taxpayer money, check out this:

A recent series of legislative updates mailed to Northeast Georgia residents are simply a routine way to keep constituents informed and are not politically motivated, says U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, R-Athens. Broun has sent nine letters and other mail pieces, including full-color fliers, to households in the 10th Congressional District, six of them over the past two months. They outlined his views on immigration, taxes and other issues, annoying some residents and drawing attacks from an opponent.Congressmen are allowed to send issue-based mail to constituents for free, a privilege known as franking.”This is my way of letting people know what’s going on in Washington, as well as letting people know what legislation I’ve introduced as congressman,” Broun said in an interview Monday..Broun also calls every district household with a listed telephone number once a month to talk about issues and give listeners a chance to ask questions. About once every two weeks between 6 and 9 p.m., a computer dials thousands of district residents and plays a brief recorded message before Broun comes on the line live.

When asked about all this, Rep. Broun has this to say: “I believe my motives are pure.”

Oh, of course he does. You see, Congressman Broun is very, very keen on purity. As I said, what a clown.


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