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From Brown to Bleak

Back in January 2010, I covered Scott Brown’s insurgent Senate campaign for NR. As I followed Brown around snow-covered Boston, you could feel the momentum. People would cheer him, from the North End to the South Shore, and the anger about Obamacare, even in the Bay State, was apparent. But that political climate has faded. Brown is gone, having lost his 2012 reelection race, and Massachusetts remains a deep-blue state.

Gabriel Gomez, the Republican nominee for Tuesday’s special Senate election, may share Brown’s winning personality, but he faces an uphill fight. The polls show him trailing, and Republican donors haven’t made the race a priority.

Over on the home page, I chat with Gomez about his campaign, and look at how Democrat Ed Markey is a likely senator, and not the next Martha Coakley.

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