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Brown Takes Slim Lead in New Poll

A month ago, the NH1/New England College poll had Republican Scott Brown down by double digits to Democratic incumbent Jeanne Shaheen. Today, just three weeks away from Election Day, the same poll now has Brown with a slight lead over his opponent.

Brown currently leads Shaheen 48 percent to 46.9 percent among likely voters, which is within the poll’s 2.98 percent margin of error. Last week in the weekly New England College poll, Brown trailed Shaheen by less than three percentage points.

The race is too close to call for now, but as Hot Air’s Noah Rothman notes, Brown has gained substantial ground on Shaheen since mid September. In the group’s September 10 poll, Brown trailed by 11 points, with Shaheen getting 51 percent to his 40 percent. In its next poll on September 20, Brown was still down 50 percent to 43 percent.

Brown’s improving chances in the Granite State have prompted Republican groups to invest more in to the race in hopes of picking up another Republican seat, including American Crossroads’ decision to launch a new $3 million ad-buy over the next week.

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