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As Andrew Stuttaford has mentioned, it seems likely that Gordon Brown’s resignation as British prime minister is imminent. Another cabinet minister resigned yesterday (the third in three days) urging Brown to stand aside. Rumors are sweeping Westminster that David Miliband, the foreign secretary, will quit today.

If Mr. Brown is forced out he will be the first post-war British PM (since Neville Chamberlain) never to have fought an election as party leader.

The governing Labour party is not ideologically riven (as was the case with the Conservatives in 1990 when Margaret Thatcher was ousted by her party) but is acting against its leader because of Gordon Brown’s unpopularity and inability to connect with voters since succeeding Tony Blair in mid-2007.

Britain voted yesterday for elections to the European Parliament. Labour may finish fourth when votes are counted on Sunday — behind the opposition Conservatives, the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party and the left-leaning Liberal Democrats.

 – Tim Montgomerie is editor of


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