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Bruce — It’s Dreams FROM My Father

Bruce Springsteen, quoting himself, endorses Barack Obama:

He has the depth, the reflectiveness, and the resilience to be our next President. He speaks to the America I’ve envisioned in my music for the past 35 years, a generous nation with a citizenry willing to tackle nuanced and complex problems, a country that’s interested in its collective destiny and in the potential of its gathered spirit. A place where “…nobody crowds you, and nobody goes it alone.”

At the moment, critics have tried to diminish Senator Obama through the exaggeration of certain of his comments and relationships. While these matters are worthy of some discussion, they have been ripped out of the context and fabric of the man’s life and vision, so well described in his excellent book, Dreams of My Father, often in order to distract us from discussing the real issues: war and peace, the fight for economic and racial justice, reaffirming our Constitution, and the protection and enhancement of our environment.

Putting aside the substance of Springsteen’s comments, can I make one (not so) small correction here?  I have seen zillions of references, including Springsteen’s and some here in NR, to Obama’s book as Dreams of My Father, when in fact the title is Dreams from My Father, which is not at all the same.


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