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BSG Vibes

I hear what this reader is saying, but they’ve earned my trust at the outset. So we’ll see:


Ever since the astounding conclusion of last season’s BSG, I was pumped for this

year’s new episodes.  However, I’m getting a very bad vibe about it being a

multi-episode Iraq war bashfest.  In particular, the webisodes – which, in all

honesty, I’ve only seen the first five or six – draw complimentary parallels

between the jihadi “insurgents” and the human resistance forces on New Caprica.

Plus, there’s a story on where Mary McDonnell, in discussing this

season’s plot arc, commends the BSG brain trust for their “brave and beautiful

act” in putting together this year’s series.

A “brave & beautiful act,” I believe, is vapid actorspeak for “speaking truth to

power.”  To quote Krusty the Clown, “Oooooo, this is always death.”

So I’m afraid for this one.  Any words of encouragement?


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