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Btw: Debates, Debates

NRO’s debating Liberia. Check it out . (Yes, I send you to the homepage and not the pieces directly on purpose. Duh.) They’ll be another installment of the Liberia debate tomorrow. And let us know what you would like to see debated and who you would like to see debating–unless it is Jonah vs. Me on Star Trek or Jonah vs. Rich on cats and dogs–those requests have been noted.

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A Sad Finale

Spoilers Ahead. Look, I share David’s love of Game of Thrones. But I thought the finale was largely a bust, for failings David mostly acknowledges in passing (but does not allow to dampen his ardor). The problems with the finale were largely the problems of this entire season. Characters that had been ... Read More
Film & TV

Game of Thrones: A Father’s Legacy Endures

Warning! If you don't want to read any spoilers from last night's series finale of Game of Thrones, stop reading. Right now. There is a lot to unpack about the Thrones finale, and I fully understand many of the criticisms I read on Twitter and elsewhere. Yes, the show was compressed. Yes, there were moments ... Read More