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Buckley and Cancel . . . the Webathon Is Off and Running

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

We launch this drive to raise $250,000 wondering: With all this Soviet-style history-rewriting and retouching and eradicating — all this canceling — amok-running, what would Bill Buckley be saying? Doing? The man whose near-last book was Cancel Your Own Go**am Subscription would surely be instructing (full-throated) the Millennial Marxists of 2020 to do something along the title’s line (albeit not related to an NR subscription!). Cancel Your Own Go**am Sedition? Groan!

Bill tussled with the progressive great-grandparents of the Screeching Woke back (seven decades!) when he was writing his first book, God and Man at Yale. That came just a few years before he launched NR. That he knew was to be a long-term project, because the task of yelling Stop! while Standing Athwart History was never going to be a passing fancy or a temporary gig. As James Burnham — the ex-Communist who helped Bill found National Review, and who well knew the vicious nature of the ideologues that are behind both yesterday’s and today’s madness — said, this was to be a “protracted conflict.”

Truer words were never spoken. And so we find that in the thick of this current culture war stands NR as a beacon of truth, of honesty, of determination to call bull-doodie on the Left (American and Beijing brands), especially when it masquerades under the guise of confronting “systemic racism,” when it lies about the nature and past of this More Perfect Union, when it declares e pluribus unum a motto of hate. Here stands NR, increasingly unto itself, as the once-reliable (agreed — barely!) sources for information — many now under the lash of acne’d newsroom Jacobins — have all but disappeared, or turned into full-blown house organs for the Leftist Project.

As the saying goes: Now, more than ever . . . what? Now more than ever our country and our principles need National Review. Our webathon commenced with a rousing appeal from Rich Lowry. That has met with immediate generosity from hundreds, many who also share sentiments with the boodle. Such as:

Eric sends $50 and a vow: “Please keep up the fine work and great journalism. Your articles are important counterpoints to the progressive insanity of the unhinged left. I will continue to contribute each month, as I’m able.” Dude! You are so inspiring. Thanks kindly.

Kay spots us a C Note and this assessment: “Thank you for incisive, sophisticated, thoughtful writing. Underlying the National Review project is The Good and The True. An oasis of intelligence and openness.” We do this because we have supporters like you alongside us. Thanks.

Flannery drops $100 in the collection plate, along with something else that is priceless: “One hundred bucks, tremendous gratitude and a rosary every day is my contribution from here in Jackson Heights, New York City!” We poor banished children of Eve love you for this. Love you!

From north of the border comes Sinclair’s $200, attending an international wish: “I’m Canadian and I read National Review daily. I want its voice to stay steady and strong, and be stronger than ever when my kids grow up, so that they can hear ideas deeper than the narrow, bland, and conformist dogma regurgitated by most of the media.” We stand on guard for thee good friend. Thanks.

Alan gives it ($100) and gets it: “We are in a long haul to restore the appreciation for American values to much of American society. Thank you National Review for being the vanguard of the movement to preserve the knowledge of American greatness from the clutches of lies and distortion. Also, I believe you should be proud to be the owner of likely the most civil, intelligent debate on politics in the world, going on in your comments sections. Thank you for your work!” It’s us who thank you, Alan.

There’s plenty more such examples coming at us hourly, daily. The support comes from selfless people (like you!) who are intelligent (again, like you!) and imbued with common sense (hat trick!) who make no bones about these facts: that National Review is a conservative institution, dependent on the support of friends, and that it simply must survive in order to wage hand-to-hand combat with those who seek nothing less than the destruction of America as we know it and love it. It’s this simple: We can only stand athwart as long as you stand alongside. Our goal is $250,000. Right now, it is far past the horizon. But we are confident that we will get there. Those who do indeed wish to help and accompany NR on this journey should contribute to our webathon here. Anyone who would rather send a check should make it payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: Summer 2020 Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036.  We cannot thank you enough.


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