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Buckley Bash

What a marvelous bash that was last night! It was **F**U**N**, which is

what a Buckley bash ought to be.

Not to slight anyone else at all, but the high point for me was the Yale

& Harvard a cappella singing groups, i.e. the Whiffenpoofs (say WHAT?) and Krokodiloes. I knew about these groups but had never heard one in performance

before. They were terrific — I might even buy a CD. What fine-looking

young guys they all were, too — a tribute to modern standards of

nutrition and exercise. Made me feel optimistic about the USA. Me!

Optimistic! That’s the kind of evening it was. High point for Rosie:

Having her picture taken with Tom Selleck. (Thanks, Kevin.)

Thanks also to young Jason Steorts for all the work he put in on the WFB movie.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize the party, in fact, and to all

who attended. It couldn’t have gone better. I even danced.

John Derbyshire — Mr. Derbyshire is a former contributing editor of National Review.

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