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Bill Buckley the Master Eulogist

Our pal David Bahnsen has written a wonderful review of A Torch Kept Lit: Great Lives of the Twentieth Century. Go ahead and read it. Or at least enjoy this slice:

So along comes this gem of a compilation from Fox News correspondent, James Rosen, himself a tremendous heir of the Buckley legacy. A Torch Kept Lit features dozens and dozens of Bill Buckley eulogies written over the years, reflecting his life of relationships, his incredible connectedness to the most cosmopolitan forces of our culture, and his mastery of the English language. Even for a lifetime reader of National Review like myself, this compilation shows Buckley with more layers and depth than the most fervent of his disciples could have imagined.

Admit it: Torch really will make a great Christmas gift. So get your copy, or copies (the book is now in its eighth printing!). They’re at your local bookstore, or, of course, at Amazon.