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Buckley Praise

The readers’ reviews at Amazon for Bill Buckley’s Miles Gone By are all five-star accolades, such as this by a Mr. Timothy J. Reed:

And what a life!

He writes at length of his love of the sea and the idiosyncrasies of his various yachts, skiing Utah with Milton Friedman or the Alps with Roger Moore. His unsuccessful run for mayor of New York City, and landmark book God and Man at Yale, that describes liberal (progressive, socialist) influence in the curriculum and the major stir it caused at Yale and among the chattering class. His founding of National Review, etiquette at cocktail parties and adventures in his jointly owned (with fellow students) two-seater airplane, his childhood as one of ten children living in Connecticut and Great Britain and relationship with his parents. His wit and sense of humor are throughout the book and makes it very enjoyable to read.

The psychoanalysis can be left to the biographers; in Miles Gone By, Buckley has assembled a mosaic that, as you stand back, allows you to truly appreciate the man, his principles, courage and contributions.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. You can get your personally autographed copy of Miles Gone By here.


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