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Buckley’s Cornucopia of Wonderful Words

This 1995 classic is just the thing you need when you are at a loss for words. Brilliantly illustrated by Arnold Roth, this handy book is WFB’s assemblage of useful – what else, Buckleyesque – words: defined, used, alphabetized, and ready to deploy. We’ve got a few dozen copies from Bill’s private stash, and you can have one, while supplies last, for $10 (which includes shipping and handling). Order here.

Here’s what the authoritative Library Journal had to say about The Lexicon: A cornucopia of wonderful words for the inquisitive word lover

Buckley is a wordsmith extraordinaire, his speech and writing regularly peppered with arcane vocabulary. This book . . . brings together a list of his favorite words, each with a citation from one of his many published works. Words like epigone, nugatory, and rodomontade will stretch the frontiers of most readers’ vocabulary, and the illustrations by Arnold Roth are a perfect accompaniment to the text. This would be a great choice for students studying for the SATs or for anyone who loves language. . . . Highly recommended for all collections.

UPDATE: We have sold out of this item.


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