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Budd Schulberg, R.I.P.

The novelist and great screenwriter Budd Schulberg has died. He was 95 and he had led a very full and eventful life. His best-known works: What Makes Sammy Run and On the Waterfront.

I met Budd about 30 years ago. As a young foreign correspondent, I sublet from him a sprawling apartment just off the Reforma in Mexico City. He had hardly used it for years, but he was sentimental about keeping it. He also was loyal to his long-time housekeeper who lived in a smaller flat next door. That I hire her was part of the deal. This used to be a common practice in Mexico City. I wonder if it still is. (The dollar was strong in those days, so all of this was very inexpensive.)

The apartment was eclectically furnished, and Budd’s souvenirs were much in evidence. I particularly recall all the many books and magazines on boxing. He was a great fan of the sport.

Roger L. Simon has a short remembrance here.

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