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Budget Cuts as Genocide

Veronique,  you quote Matt Welch:

Do you know how many 5,000 state jobs are? A whopping 2 percent of the state work force, maximum. If that’s “annihilating,” how on earth would you characterize a 3 percent cut? As genocide?

I will bet you that within the next 60 days some activist or union rep or leftwing pundit says that this is genocide.

It would be nothing new.  New York Times columnist Bob Herbert claimed that a proposal by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to scale back remedial-reading programs at CUNY was really a form of ethnic cleansing. Rep. Major Owens said that the Contract with America was genocidal. Actually, he said that Newt Gingrich’s invitation to a bipartisan meet-and-greet cocktail party was a harbringer of “cocktail party genocide.”

I have every confidence that someone of note in California will go down the same rhetorical road soon enough. If they haven’t already.


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