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On the front page of the New York Times this morning, a poll showing that “70 percent of foreign-born Hispanics say they identify more with the United States than with their country of origin.” There are still all kinds of problems, of course–the federal government still isn’t making any truly serious effort to control the borders, the public schools are doing a lousy job of educating Hispanics in American history and even of teach them English, and far too many Hispanics are likely to get caught up in the welfare system–but the fundamental prerequisite for assimiliation, the desire to become American, doesn’t seem to be in any doubt.

Would like to write more–Victor Davis Hanson’s NRODT cover story raises all kinds of important points about immigration–but have to pack and skeedaddle from Manhattan down to Washington as the book tour for How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life continues. Yours truly is scheduled to appear on Kudlow & Cramer this evening, then to speak at Olsson’s bookstore in Arlington, Virginia at 7.00 pm. (If you turn up at Olsson’s, be sure to let me know. The only thing better than receiving emails from readers of this happy Corner would be to meet some of you.)


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