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‘Burn Your Obamacare Cards’ Is the Wrong Focus

I am very opposed to Obamacare — most particularly the centralized control element that will ruin medicine as it allows the government to engage in social engineering under the guise of providing healthcare. But I am not comfortable with trying to convince anyone not to buy health insurance. 

That is the message of FreedomWorks in a “Burn Your Obamacare Card” ad campaign:

Like compulsory military service, the health care draft will conscript private citizens to carry out a national goal dictated by Washington, and the burden will fall especially hard on young people . . . If all of us, especially millennials, were to become health care draft resisters, we could hasten Obamacare’s inevitable collapse and pave the way for a patient-centered system.

Clever, but very misguided. If the ad convinces someone not to buy health insurance, who then gets hit by a truck, FW will be a proximate cause of the financial pickle he or she will be in. It also sends the bitter message that putting people at significant financial risk is worth the price of stopping the law. Bad politics. Misguided emphasis.

An opinion article along the same lines by Dean Clancy in the Washington Times is far more responsible as it also explains how to get health coverage outside the exchanges. That should be a primary focus of the campaign rather than just “civil disobedience” part — since more people are likely to see the ad than read Clancy’s longer piece and people can get hurt if they go insurance naked. I strongly suggest a tweak of the ad along those lines.