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Bush ’n’ Bar, Texans

For many of us, it was really, really good to see Bush 41 and Barbara at the debate last night. I wasn’t sure that 41 really went out anymore. But I’m told, by Houstonians, he does: church, ballgames, restaurants, high-school graduations, and all that.

I had a memory of the Bush administration. Everyone laughed that the president and his wife had an address in Houston: at a hotel, The Houstonian. This was pure convenience. Everyone said that Bush was a fake Texan. In any case, he had lived in Washington for many years, being vice president, etc.

Everyone said that, post-presidency, the Bushes would probably shuttle between a manse in Greater Washington and their place in Kennebunkport. They would surely never return to — awk! — Texas.

Which is what they did. They went home, to Texas. To Houston. They’ve been there ever since, 23 years after their departure from the White House. I guess the joke was on the jokers.


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